We provide architecture development and testing support for all the major public cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP). Past assignments have included:

  • Development of Azure DevOps runbooks for CI/CD pipelines

  • Developed strategies for AD Integration between on-premise data centers and AWS workloads

  • Audit of security settings to verify security posture.

  • Load testing of applications deployed on serverless platforms


We work with audit firms and internal audit departments to assist with completion of timely technology risk audits. We work on urgent and time-bound projects on both a T&M basis and fixed-fee basis.


Our Principal and his team of experts are all Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA) and certified professional cloud architects on the Microsoft Azure, Google GCP and Amazon AWS platforms.


We work with Financial Technology, Cyber Security​ and Risk Management technology companies to provide playbooks for:

  • Go To Market (GTM) strategies for market entry

  • Set up of Channel Partnership Programs

  • Revenue Yield Optimization Strategy

  • Setup of Lead Generation Engines for specific geographies 

  • Sales & Marketing Operations Support


CashnomixScore™ was the first technology product that we developed for the UAE market. Developed on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and winner of two patents pending, the core platform integrates with select ERP systems to provide a scored dashboard indicating financial reliability of vendors, suppliers and distributors.


We've worked with companies to implement CashnomixScore™ to:

  • Set up Supply Chain Finance Programs

  • Optimize AP/AR operations 

  • Evaluate potential business partners

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