Bespoke solutions for complex situations 

Harveen Narulla, Principal, Cashnomix

Cashnomix was acquired in December 2020, to gain a regional presence to offer a highly select client base solutions to complex situations in their businesses.

Its typical clients operate in complicated environments, requiring interfacing with and managing a mix of legal, regulatory, political and cross-jurisdictional challenges in environments that often feature elevated commercial risk. 

The team at Cashnomix, led by Harveen Narulla, devises practical solutions that allow clients to achieve their objectives. 

The team is values-driven with strong ethical focus.

Clients are assured of strict confidentialityCashnomix requires new clients to be referenced by existing clients. 

A selection of areas that Cashnomix can guide on are:

  • risk management in M&A including jurisdictional exposure to weak legal systems;

  • resource trading and movement;

  • strengthening of supply chains, particularly agricultural and mineral, incorporating elements of income security for primary producers;

  • food security and implementation of agricultural programs;

  • financial yield generation and capture;

  • hyper-fractionalisation of assets;

  • cryptocurrency acquisition and exposure;

  • transformation and corporatisation of, and stakeholder management in, significant family-run businesses

  • citizenship and residency

  • general regulatory and jurisdictional arbitrage

  • generational wealth preservation

  • venture building and startups

  • Universal Basic Income strategies


From its founding in 2014 to January 2021, under the leadership of its founder and cloud solutions architect Sujith KurupCashnomix secured a reputation as a high quality, strategic cloud architecture practice providing cloud architecture and support services to organizations migrating to the public cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP) and cloud-native technology companies setting up SaaS operations. 

Its first product was the CashnomixScore™ engine, created for small and medium sized finance firms to reduce the time to lending decisions. Created on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, the credit scoring engine with two patents pending has won multiple regional awards.

Cashnomix expanded to offer technology and credit risk management solutions. It consulted on:

  • Technology Audit Support Services for Accounting firms and in-house audit teams

  • Automated credit scoring services for suppliers and vendors

  • Playbook for creating supply chain finance programs for suppliers and distributors 

  • Market entry, Go To Market (GTM) and Pricing strategy for financial technology firms

  • Channel Development and Revenue Yield Optimization Support services

  • Identification of equity and debt based growth capital for marketing expansion


​In January 2021, following its acquisition, Sujith transitioned out of Cashnomix to pursue opportunities in AI for industrial applications, and Cashnomix pivoted to its present strategic consultancy.